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Cruise Tourism Africa Safari Adventure in Africa

Cruise Tourism Africa Cruise Ship Adventures Cruise to Africa A cruise around Africa from Europe via the Suez canal while stopping at various ports along the Mediterranean down to Indian ocean, then to the coast of eastern Africa stopping at the port of Mombasa, disembarking for few days for wildlife tourism in the Tsavo National park, Amboseli National park and Maasai Mara National Reserve (The New seventh wonder of the world) which is quite adventurous, not to mention the welcoming cultural Swahili community in Mombasa.

Proceed to the coastal town of Dar as salaam, this city started out as a fishing village and is today considered the capital city and commercial port of Tanzania. In this city you will witness an impressive display of cultural and architectural influences dating back to the Sultanates. The local inhabitants are so friendly to visitors and are welcoming. In this city, sites of historical interest lie both in the city and the surrounding area. An organized city sightseeing tour provides a good overview for the first-time visitor. Main interest are the game reserves and national parks which include the Serengeti, Manyara, Tarangire and others, which are a good distance from Dar as Salaam and can be reached by full-day or overnight excursions. Proceed to the port of Zanzibar where you will disembark to witness an Archipelago of Spice Islands.

Cruise Tourism Africa Cruise Ship Adventures

Both as a port of call and as a day excursion from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar offers the visitor a taste of the exotic Swahili culture and history. Being a former spice sultanate and later, a major port for the Slave trade, the island has many sites that are part of the Slave Route. The mosaic of architectural styles in Stone Town, the main city of Zanzibar Island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflects the rich history and influences of all the traders that flourished on these islands. The Island also boasts beautiful beaches, marine sports, diving and snorkeling.
Cruise Tourism Africa Cruise Ship Adventures – Cruise Ship on High Seas

After Zanzibar, Cruise Tourism Africa Safari Adventure proceed to the Cape of Good Hope where you will dock at the port of Durban, then to waterfront of Cape Town where you will visit the Robben Island-Nelson Mandela’s prison island of 27 years. Take a few days as you visit the best tourist destination in Africa-Cape west and Cape East.

Proceed to the Atlantic Ocean and visit the Walvis Bay in Namibia, then to the Luanda in Angola as you continue to Dakar in Senegal, see the Islands of Cape Verde, Canary islands before docking at the Morocco’s capital city of Casablanca, where you will have fun as you conclude your Africa Cruise ship adventure. You will have discovered why Vasco DA Gama went around Africa.

Cruise Tourism Africa Safari Adventure in the Indian Ocean

Africa Safari Packages“Imagine a cruise around Africa, via the Suez Canal, stopping at exotic ports on the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Or if that’s not enough, Africa’s rivers and lakes offer an abundance of opportunity for everything from soft adventure to luxury.” Jerry W. Bird said.

Cruise Tourism Africa Cruise Ship Adventures Cruise Ships to Africa:- Cruise Ship tourism in East Africa

Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar ports of East Africa are the calling cruise ship destinations with Mombasa port in Kenya leading in this business due to its proximity to the wildlife sanctuaries, excellent sandy Beaches and Hotels. Dar es Salaam follows and then Zanzibar Lake Victoria, being the largest fresh water lake in the world connecting the three African states of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is a virgin, untapped destination in this business due to the lack of a Holiday built vessel.

Cruise Tourism Africa Cruise Ship Adventures

Our services in Cruise Ship Tourism in Africa:- Being a tour operator based in East Africa is a ground handler for Cruise ship liners docking at the ports of Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. We have the know-how and the capacity to handle your visitors on land, drive them to various tourist sites and game parks as long as the ship is docked at the various ports of East Africa.