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Big Five Africa wildlife safari to Africa will include sightings of lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhino! Big Five Africa wildlife safari offer amazing wildlife viewing, and the best possibility of seeing the Big 5 family while on safari. Arguably Africa’s most famous inhabitant, the colossal African Elephant is Earth’s largest land mammal, qualifying as ‘big’ in every sense of the word.

The Big Five Africa wildlife safari Holiday experience gives you access to Kenya’s superb Wildlife Safari destinations. This is the time to experience the Authentic Kenya Safaris in top 10 Wildlife destinations; Masai Mara, and the great rift valley Lakes. Join our Big Five Africa wildlife safari Holiday tours adventure packages offering you an opportunity to experience some of the best planet nature’s most impressive beasts on a Big 5 safari in Kenya, Tanzania Serengeti among others.

The term big five is quite synonymous with the travelers and will always click to your mind anytime you are looking for a safari holiday, the term the ‘Big Five’ refers to elusive Africa’s most popular wildlife. Take a Kenya safari holiday and get to meet the Members of the Kenya big five Animals: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros at a very close range in Parks.

The phrase Big five was coined by the then African hunters and refers to the five most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot by then. Today Big Five Africa wildlife safaris are in no way associated with the unethical act of trophy/ canned hunting (banned completely in Kenya and increasingly so in other areas of Africa) but the term is still used by most guides and tourists as an easy term to encapsulate the must-see animals. The Big Five (Big Five Africa wildlife safari) can be found together in East Africa Safari tours when taken; Kenya Budget Safaris, Masai Mara Safari tour Kenya, Tanzania Serengeti Safari and Uganda.

Planning a Big 5 safari in Kenya, East Africa is home to many excellent wildlife reserves that offer all the thrills of Big 5 game viewing combined with bush beach Holidays, with several also being malaria-free on a Kenya Safari Tours is perfect for families with young kids. Browse our independent experts’ recommended Kenya Safari Holidays tour packages on a Big 5 safari packages with a plus added advantage to experience the great wildebeests Migration Safari Adventure ranging from Big 5 safari, Kenya Luxury Safaris, Big five and the great Migration Safari experience, Safari & beach holiday Kenya, Malaria free safari, Private & exclusive safaris to Honeymoon Safari. The Big Five animals are lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

Many travelers to Safari Africa dream of spotting all members of the Big Five during just one holiday. If you wish to do this, we recommend going on safari within one of the following wildlife areas – the Serengeti in Tanzania, the Maasai Mara in Kenya, the Sabi Sands and Phinda in South Africa and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. However, please note that, as the Big Five are all wild and unpredictable animals, sightings can never be guaranteed!

Best Big Five Africa wildlife safari Tours (Tailor-Made Big 5 Safaris for those looking for Family Safari in Kenya. If you’re planning a safari holiday, you’ll no doubt have the Big Five on your bucket list. Whether it’s the challenge of spotting them or just the hype surrounding their existence, these fascinating animals provide intriguing facts and stunning pictures. The five fabulous game animals of Africa are guaranteed to make your African Big Five safari tour feel out-of-this-world and totally magical. Below, read more about what our Kenya safari travel adventure in search of the Big 5 animals on a safari entails.

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Africa’s Big Five Animals: What Are They? For a continent that is known for its amazing wildlife, these are the biggest of the big. These magnificent beasts are Africa’s “big five.”

Leopard Big Five Africa wildlife safari

This is the most elusive, and also the smallest, of the five. “I call them ninja cats because they’re just sneaky and they’re harder to spot,” Borrego says.

African lion Big Five Africa wildlife safari

Lions are the only social big cat, but don’t expect to see the king. There isn’t one. These big cats are “not born into a rank,” Borrego says. “They are egalitarian, which means they don’t have a permanent social hierarchy.”

African buffalo Big Five Africa wildlife safari

These hefty, cow-like animals often congregate by the thousands in the Serengeti; forming large groups is one defense against predators. Male and female buffalo both have horns, but the males’ curve upward and fuse together in the center, forming a solid bony plate called a boss. It’s a helpful defense—as is being more than three times heavier than their lion adversaries.

African elephant Big Five Africa wildlife safari

The biggest of the Big Five is the African savanna elephant, which can weigh up to seven tons. The African forest elephant, which is about three feet shorter and lives in the forests of the Congo Basin, was declared a separate species after genetic testing in 2010 showed big differences between the forest and savanna dwellers.

Rhinoceroses Big Five Africa wildlife safari

There are two species—the black rhinoceros and the white rhinoceros—and five subspecies between them left in Africa. Those include the northern white rhino, the southern white rhino, the eastern black rhino, the southern central black rhino, and the southwestern black rhino.

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