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African Tours & Safaris is for every traveler – what will your travel story be? African Tours & Safaris packages range from bucket-list adventures to ultra-luxurious vacations and everything in between. Our African Tours & Safaris includes family-friendly vacations, romantic honeymoon packages, thrilling African safaris and affordable holidays. Remember, all our African Tours & Safaris itineraries are totally flexible and can be changed to suit you.

The interior African Tours & Safaris is suited to a feet-up kind of holiday. The best way to keep a African Tours & Safaris packages relatively relaxed is to visit fewer places and stay at least three nights at each of them to really immerse yourself in the environment and engage fully with the wildlife. Enjoy East Africa’s most celebrated highlights, from a snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, to sailing above the Serengeti in a hot-air balloon and meeting mountain gorillas.

African Tours & Safaris packages

A safari holiday should be on everyone’s wish list of life’s greatest adventures. In Swahili, the melodious everyday language of East Africa, the word itself translates as “going on a journey”. In the age of Hemingway and Karen Blixen this meant going upcountry, setting off with a tent and a rifle into the back of beyond Where the Wild Things Are. Now the day of the hunter is done. Guns are out. Cameras are in and ecotourism is the buzzword in the bush, offering a gentler but no less thrilling introduction to the last place on earth where wildlife exists in its old abundance.

Africa Safari Packages

But the reasons for going on safari have not changed. The need to reach out and touch the wild, to spend time in the sun and under the stars and come face to face with Africa’s storybook animals, not behind bars but moving free as the wind across the Savannah – these are what make this a holiday like no other.

Africa is a dream destination in every sense – home to unforgettable wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty. We travel the length and breadth of every destination we recommend to make sure that our advice is based on firsthand experience and that every supplier in your itinerary is tried-and-tested. Africa is much more than our passion, it’s our home…We won’t show you the world; we’ll show you Africa, better than anyone else.

These African safari and holiday destinations each have something special to offer the traveler. Find the African Tours & Safaris packages travel destinations you are interested in here.

Africa Safari Packages

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