Africa Wildlife Game Safari is where you will find exactly what you want and more on an Africa Wildlife Game Safari. Africa is one of the most renowned Africa Safari destinations in the world boasting not only the Big 5 but also magnificent plains game. An Africa Wildlife Game Safari can vary in length and distance, depending on individual preferences. As you drive into the wilderness, you will be captivated by the vast beauty of the savanna, with its rolling hills and infinite horizon.

A game drive in Africa Wildlife Game Safari is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife in the comfort of a 4×4 open Land Rovers which accommodate 4 to 10 people, a sure way to give you that classical safari feeling. Safari game drives are one of the most popular ways to see wildlife in the Masai Mara. Not only does Africa Wildlife Game Safari offer terrific wildlife safaris but it is also home to peoples of more than 100 different cultures, with their own languages, music and traditional dress.

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Nothing compares to the African Safari Holiday– an excursion full of wondrous sights, rich culture, and wild animals in their natural habitats. Africa Wildlife Safari holidays aren’t just for the rugged these days; enjoy nights under the starry sky in a spacious tent with comfortable furnishings and en suite facilities.

Think safari and you’re likely to conjure up adventure-filled fantasies of game drives through pristine African wilderness, encountering magnificent wildlife such as elephant, lion or buffalo along the way. Africa plays host to an amazing array of wildlife sanctuaries; however the iconic destination of the National Park takes pride of place as one of the world’s most renowned safari havens. Africa Wildlife Game Safari promises an exceptional experience.

Hosted by expert guides and trackers, in specially adapted 4×4 safari vehicles, you will have the opportunity to enjoy early morning game drives and spot-lit night drives. Set off in search of the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) as well as an array of other fascinating creatures such as wild dog, hippo, cheetah and a plethora of bird species.

Game drives accommodate a maximum of six guests and usually include refreshments stops along the way that allow you to stretch your legs and admire your breathtaking location. Your guide has been expertly trained on the intricacies of the park and its surrounds, offering interesting anecdotes along your journey. This adventure offers the perfect introduction to South Africa’s wildlife and is a must for first time safari goers.

Africa Wildlife Game Safari

We crafts unique African wildlife safaris for clients seeking one of a kind nature journeys rather than the hectic package safaris covering all parks in Kenya. We are not an office-bound tour re-seller, we are a dedicated team of nature people right on the ground and as we accompany clients on safaris it matters to us that we create African wildlife safaris that have quality time dedicated to game viewing, the best services possible and that we stay away from mass tourism.

Most of Africa’s national parks are vast and not fenced. So animals, especially elephants, can and do trek for hundreds of kilometers in search of water and fresh nutritious grasses. Thus once the rains come, they will generally leave the over-grazed areas around the waterholes in search of fresh grasses. They are not fenced in and they’ll travel in and out of the official boundaries of the national parks at will.

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Africa is home to the most spectacular wildlife viewing on the planet. It’s a place that humbles even the most jaded of travelers, where the cycle of life plays out right before your eyes in some of nature’s most magnificent theaters. See the vast herds of the Great Migration on the mottled plains of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. Watch elephants graze in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, or come-face-to-face with a wild silver back gorilla in Volcanoes National Park.

Many of the reserves protect Africa’s famed “Big Five”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, as well as an astounding diversity of other animals. Hot air balloon rides, game drives, and walking safaris all offer unique wildlife watching adventures. From Kenya and Tanzania, to Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana, a safari in Africa’s top game parks is an unforgettable experience that will forever stir your soul.

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