Africa Guided Flying Safari Holiday not only saves a considerable amount of time, but provides travelers with the added benefit of viewing some of the most spectacular regions of East Africa in from the air. Africa Guided Flying Safari Holiday perspective in Kenya and Tanzania involve flying by light aircraft to various safari hotels exploring different regions of the two countries. Our flying safari holiday provides a unique and truly spectacular way to see wildlife. From the deserts of Namibia, to flood plains of Northern Serengeti and the southern part of Masai Mara – we visit remote and inaccessible areas for the very best wildlife experience.

Africa Guided Flying Safari Holiday Packages

We offers Africa Guided Flying Safari Holiday and private air charter services to all safari destinations throughout East and southern Africa. Flying safari holiday offers infinite ways to explore the vast wilderness of the African continent, we combines truly exclusive, off the beaten track flying safari holiday experiences, combining luxury with economy and the convenience of flying privately. Supported by a full range of VIP and concierge services throughout the region, no request is beyond our reach in order to make your journey as exceptional as the destination.

Kenya Family Flying Safari holiday explores Kenya’s best African destination for family holidays because of our welcome approach to children of all ages – with specific accommodation designed for families, the availability of child-minders, fun child-friendly activities (involving cultural interaction), and many other ways to welcome families to experience this incredible holiday of a lifetime together.

Africa Guided Safari Holiday

Flying safari holiday is a convenient way of moving between Kenyan parks. Flying safari holiday saves lots of time that would have been spent on the roads driving from different National parks. Flying safari holiday also ensure you are not exhausted like would occur on some of the longer drives between Kenyan parks that are far apart. Flying safaris holiday are also convenient if you only have a limited time in Kenya to visit the parks.

Flying safari holiday are offered between parks like Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Parks, Tsavo East and West National Parks, Laikipia Conservancies, Olpejeta Ranch and Samburu National Reserve. Flying safari holiday will en able you to see beautiful landscapes from the sky as you fly from park to park. Note though bush flights have schedules, they don’t have very strict landing and departure times so you need to be at the airstrip about 30 minutes or more before the expected arrival time since flights can arrive a bit earlier or later than time on the ticket. This is due to fewer landing airstrips than anticipated and delays can be caused by weather or wildlife blocking landing strips and rangers must chase the animals off the landing strip before a plane can land.

Flying Safari holiday

A Fixed Wing Flying Safari holiday is a unique concept of travel in Africa. It introduces another dimension to a typical African safari, that of the beauty of the continent from the air. Accompanied and guided by experienced pilots who are also experienced safari guides a Fixed Wing Flying Safari holiday is a truly memorable and exclusive experience. An itinerary put together as a flying safari holiday may require a different approach but it can be extremely rewarding, especially in Africa where distances are huge and the terrain rough.

This type of travel cuts long and tiring transfers over rugged terrain – you often land directly at the lodge private airstrip – and yet it maintains all the ground activities, actually it may even allow the participants to enjoy them better since guests are less tired when they arrive at destination. For clients wishing to visit a combination of remote areas in a short space of time, a flying safari is certainly the answer.

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