Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday is the perfect cruise destination for a rugged safari adventure or a discovery of native cultures. Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday offers a travel experience like no other continent in the world. From raw history, wandering wildlife and breath taking scenery – be enraptured by this wonderland that tells a new story at every turn. Cruise holidays in Africa promise some of the most exciting and memorable itineraries of all.

Providing an ideal blend of adventure and discovery. Embark on a scenic Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday in Africa or discover the wonders of the Nile on our unforgettable holidays to Africa. Whether you’re looking for an immersive wildlife tour or to witness some archeological marvels for yourself, we offer a range of diverse tours, all with expert local guides to help you get the most out of your Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday.

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday call at Mombasa, South Africa`s Port Elizabeth, Durban or the Garden City of Cape Town. You may well, therefore, have the opportunity during your Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday to bag your own “big five” if you opt for a day`s safari. You can even choose a longer safari with pre- and post-cruise city stays designed to allow you more time to explore. Nothing is more exciting than venturing out along dusty tracks to see what you might encounter. From watching hippo wallow at the watering holes to glimpsing a lioness on the hunt, it is an unforgettable experience!

A tailored Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday and stay holiday to Africa is a great option for a holiday of a lifetime, combine a luxury cruise with a safari for example: Jump in a Jeep and see the lions, giraffes, and other wildlife of the Serengeti firsthand. Zip line through the canopies of a rain forest in South Africa.

Learn about the history and change of Angola’s people and culture, or have a village culture experience in Senegal. The scenery you’ll witness in Africa is as wild and diverse as the creatures that freely roam. Take a day or two days’ safari from the port of Mombasa and visit Tsavo or fly to Masai Mara National Park. In the west, explore world-class vineyards in the fertile Cape Winelands and hang out with adorable African penguins at Cape Town’s Boulder Beach. Every port provides unforgettable adventures, and every one of our ships promises marvelous days at sea.

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday

From the mosques and souks of Morocco to the cradle of humanity in South Africa, there’s a plethora of Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday options with something for everyone. Discover the dunes and cities of North Africa on a Mediterranean sailing to the great pyramids of Egypt, also available on luxury river cruises down the iconic River Nile. Meanwhile, spot elephants, lions and zebra through the continent’s world-famous game reserves on a safari river cruise or enjoy an Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday and stay in Cape Town- a must to explore this fascinating city.

When considering the best safari in Africa to suit your needs, there really are some fantastic options. Spectacular national parks and reserves can be found in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Each destination gives you plenty of opportunities to get up close to magnificent wildlife, including the famous Big Five.

If you fancy discovering some of the world’s most wonderful sights, then one of the various Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday must be at the top of your agenda. With cruises from South Africa and Cape Town being the most popular holidays available, this vast, magnificent continent offers a truly unique experience through its endless natural beauty and incredible man-made achievements.

A cruise around Africa is a fascinating way to explore this diverse continent – from the North African country of Morocco to the tropical Cape Verde islands and the major port towns of Cape Town and Durban in South Africa. With such a large variety of itineraries available, our expert Cruise Concierge team can be invaluable when it comes to planning your Africa cruise holiday. We can take care of the whole process for you, including booking flights, excursions and hotel stays.

Chances are that roaming the distinctive and transporting landscapes of Africa in search of its wonderfully exotic wildlife — lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, rhinos — has a spot firmly reserved on your bucket list. And very rightly so: A safari is the stuff of true adventure, where evocative scenes of raw African nature and majestic wildlife in its natural element combine for an unforgettable, thrilling effect. But even for the most seasoned traveler, a safari can be a very complicated trip to actualize, with so many choices to be made and complicated logistics involved … which can, understandably, seem all the more important to get just right when you factor in the serious costs that safari travel can command.

Best time for an Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday

Running from October to May, the busiest times for Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday are December and January, with temperatures reaching their highest point and crowds being at their busiest. However, it’s also important to choose the time of year you cruise to fit in exactly with what you want to see. If it’s harvest time on South Africa’s vineyards, March is the optimum month, while safaris in Kenya are best between January and March then from June to October it is at its highest peak because of the migration in Masai Mara and Serengeti National park.

What to do on an Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday

Sail through the spectacular Suez Canal, see the awe-inspiring Ancient Pyramids, enjoy the bounty of sun drenched beaches on the Islands of the Indian Ocean, marvel at the immense Table Mountain and possibly even see some of the animal Kingdom’s Big 5 in one of Kenya or South Africa’s mighty game reserves: Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday really do have it all. Your only dilemma is which part to see first!

To maximize your time away in Africa, there are many cruise and stay options. Why not fly down to the South to meet your cruise ship with a fly cruise holiday? Meanwhile, if you prefer the convenience of sailing directly from the UK, have a look at our no fly cruises. Alternatively, if you want to compare and contrast this amazing continent with the rest of the world’s wealth of treasures, Africa cruises also form a fascinating part of a fabulous world cruise.

Top Africa Cruise Destinations and Show Excursions

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday to Egypt

From ram-headed Sphinxes to the temple of Karnak, sumptuous palaces, inspiring mosques and busy bazaars – Egypt has it all. Gaze in wonderment at the majestic temples lining the banks of the Nile with Giant Pharaohs carved into the rose-colored stone. Enjoy the intricate wall murals in the Valley of Kings and even join a scuba dive into the glittering depths beneath where you will feel like you have literally plunged straight into an aquarium. Admire the wonders along Egypt’s most famous river with a luxury River Nile cruise and explore more with several port calls along the way. If you want to explore more of Africa and discover the mysteries of Egypt, embark on a cruise of the Red Sea and discover all about this ancient civilization.

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday to South Africa

South Africa cruises are one of the most popular Africa cruises and with everything from cosmopolitan cities, such as Cape Town and Durban, to the breathtaking scenery and beaches in Walvis Bay, it’s easy to see why. Cape Town cruises are the jewel in South Africa’s crown, with a glorious mix of botanical gardens, historic buildings and trendy waterfront cafes and boutiques. On the other hand, multicultural Durban will lure you to her shores with the promise of sun-kissed beaches and a whole host of exciting outdoor activities including canoeing, surfing and golf.

Africa Cruise Vacation Holiday to Kenya

Kenya is home to the safari and a must for all those enjoying cruises to Africa. Stop off in Mombasa with its white-sand beaches, towering mountains and spectacular Great Rift Valley. Take a ride on a traditional Dhow, adventure into one of Kenya’s game reserves in search of its wondrous wildlife, see Kenyan artisans’ inspiring Bombolulu workshop or take an educational tour around the city of Mombasa to uncover its fascinating past.

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2 Days Masai Mara Flying Safari Package
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2 Days Masai Mara Flying Safari Package

3 Days Masai Mara Flying Safari Package can be a great way to pack more into your safari. 3 Days Masai Mara Flying Safari Package takes us to Sarova Mara Camp which offers an extremely high-quality service in all of their stylish and imaginatively designed accommodation.

2 Days Tsavo East National Park Safari
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2 Days Tsavo East National Park Safari

2 Days Tsavo East National Park Safari is a safari holiday for an epic journey in the magnificent Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.  2 Days Tsavo East National Park Safari is a budget safari holiday for people with less time to spend in the park.

3 Days Masai Mara fly in safari package

3 Days Masai Mara fly in safari package tour is a complete adventure experience! All-Inclusive. Your 3 Days Masai Mara fly in safari package includes round-trip flights, park entrance fees, game drives, accommodations, meals and hotel