Lake Turkana safari adventure
Lake Turkana safari adventure

Lake Turkana Safari Adventure

Lake Turkana safari adventure is truly one of a kind. Lake Turkana safari adventure is a fully guided trip to the Northern Frontier District. This Lake Turkana safari adventure is an 1,800-km expedition in a purposely-built truck takes you up into the heart of the Northern Frontier District. Lake Turkana safari adventure also combines wildlife, mountains, lakes, ancient forests, ancient people.

Discover wild and remote northern Kenya, occupied by ancient cultures, stark and beautiful landscapes, a red-hued desert, and a Jade sea. You will traverse along some of Africa’s worst roads; see beautiful mountain forest surrounded on all sides by hot dusty deserts, eventually arriving at our camp on the shores of the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana). To travel back in time is generally the thing of dreams, but on Lake Turkana safari life changing journey this fantasy can be a reality – Lake Turkana safari adventure offers the chance to travel back to the birthplace of our ancestors in the dramatic dusty north of Kenya on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana Jade Sea Special Camping Safari

Lake Turkana safari adventure

Jade Sea Journeys takes you into worlds for you to discover, bringing you face to face with the indigenous people exposing you to unsurpassed knowledge of their culture and traditions through local guides. Lake Turkana safari or Jade Sea Journeys caters for various styles and budgets, we always take time to listen and know your needs to deliver an unparalleled experience well balanced between activities.

In the middle of the hot, scotching sun of the Northern frontier is Lake Turkana, Formerly Lake Rudolf. It is also commonly called the Jade Sea, because of the greenish-blue color. This color comes from the algae, giving the lake a magnificent jade. It is the largest desert lake in the world. It is shared by Kenya and Ethiopia, but only a small portion is outside Kenya.

Lake Turkana safari adventures is not a regular safari; it is an adventure of a life time. Lake Turkana safari adventure is a journey that requires both mental and physical readiness because of the many hours one sits in the vehicle. Although breaks are slotted in our itineraries, Lake Turkana safari is by no means for the faint heart. But when the lake opens up in front of you, the feeling of accomplishment is second to none: you have dared to cross the rough terrains, conquered, and the Jade Sea is just in front of you.

Lake Turkana safari adventure

This is place where the journey is very much part of the destination- and it is only by taking the long difficult road that a real sense of remoteness is gained. However, the flight itself is quite an experience, taking in wonderful vistas across the Suguta Valley and providing a bird’s eye view of the Lake itself.

Most visitors make the long trip from Nairobi over a 2 or 3-day period, stopping en route at Maralal, Samburu, or Marsabit. The trip winds through some beautiful country and travelers invariably encounter Rendille camel trains, and pass by tiny villages and nomadic encampments along the way.

Land cruiser 4×4 safaris The history and cultures of the North- the Samburu, Pokot, Gabbra, Borana and many more are written upon the soil of this trackless land- and traveling through this area is a great education in itself. Both the East and West shores of the Lake each offer unique areas of interest.

At the South East tip of the Lake, reached via South Horr, the tiny oasis of Loiyangalani (“the place of the trees”) attracts many travelers to its palm groves, where a constant wind offers relief from the searing heat. There is a well-maintained campsite and basic lodge here. Many safari companies and operators offer truck trips to this area- sometimes combined with a Camel safari further south.

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