Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure

Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure Comprised of the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino, the Big 5 are the crowning glories and likely the most recognized symbols of Africa. A sighting of one of these five incredible African animals can change your life forever. The mere mention of the one cannot continue without the other! Whether it’s your first safari or your tenth, embarking on a mission to find the famous Big 5 is often the highlight of a trip to the wilds of Africa. From the thrill of tracking elusive leopards and black rhino to the sheer splendor of gazing upon herds of bathing elephants and watching grumpy Cape buffalo seeing off a pride of hungry lions, there’s nothing quite like an African safari. African Kenya Big Five Safari Holidays experience gives you access to Kenya’s superb Wildlife Safari destinations.

Big Five Africa Safari Packages

Kenya is one of the best destinations to spot the Big Five, and the experienced guides and world class game reserves make for a holiday of a lifetime. The “Big Five” is a term that is used to refer to the 5 African animals that early big game hunters considered most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot in Africa. These animals include the African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros. Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are optimal for that up-close and personal encounter with Africa’s Big Five and witnessing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure

The Big 5 are Africa’s undisputed super stars and the reason tourists set out eagerly on dawn and dusk game-viewing excursions. There can be no argument that giraffe and zebra are prettier creatures than buffalo, or that cheetah can be easier to find than leopard, but seeing any of the Big 5 living wild and free in their natural habitats remains an unforgettable thrill at the top of most travelers’ safari tick list.

The term ‘Big 5’ was originally coined in the 19th Century by big game hunters who listed African elephant, Cape buffalo, African lion, leopard and rhinoceros as the five most dangerous creatures to hunt on foot in Africa. Fortunately, the Big 5 are now protected in national parks and private game reserves, and the term is synonymous with photographic safaris. Today’s tourists contribute directly to the conservation of these magnificent animals across encroachments like poaching, wildlife trafficking and habitat destruction.

Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure

If you’re planning a safari holiday, you’ll no doubt have the Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure on your bucket list. Whether it’s the challenge of spotting them or just the hype surrounding their existence, these fascinating animals provide intriguing facts and stunning pictures. The five fabulous game animals of Africa are guaranteed to make your African Big Five safari tour feel out-of-this-world and totally magical.

Our Big 5 safari destinations range widely and we advise planning carefully with your safari expert to ensure your expectations are met. Safari first-timers would do well to choose Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater or Masai Mara which deliver virtually faultless Big 5 safaris where you’re more than likely to tick off each of the Big 5 after a couple of game drives. we know how important it is to see Africa’s signature animals, which is why on our recommended Big 5 tours and safaris you have a good chance of seeing all of Africa’s Big 5. We also know where to go and at what time of year to find the Big Five Africa Safari Tour Adventure:

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Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is a personalized high-end tour in Africa offering discerning travelers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it should be. Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is Africa’s leading ecotourism organization, committed to providing world-class holiday experiences for discerning travellers, and to ongoing investment in sustainable conservation development and community empowerment.

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday’s ecotourism model recognizes that economic development of the areas in which they operate is crucial to the maintenance of bio-diversity. Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday also acknowledges that much of Africa’s wildlife heritage and land is influenced or owned by local communities. Their model – successfully implemented throughout their operations in Africa — links international high net worth, low volume/low impact visitors to these wilderness areas and their resident communities who directly benefit from the resultant revenues of ecotourism and conservation

Andbeyond Luxury Safari Holiday Packages

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday offers an Africa of vast selection of luxury Lodges in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The company is committed to providing world-class experiences for discerning luxury adventure travelers.  Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday was established alongside rising international demand for responsible tourism and wilderness experiences, and in the belief that, through business enterprise, wildlife conservation could be placed on a sustainable economic footing.

Today, Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday operate over 35 exceptional lodges in some of Africa’s most breathtaking locations, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the Serengeti plains and the Masai Mara. Whilst all of the lodges are in unique settings and have their own distinct personalities, they all benefit from the exceptional standards of accommodation, staff and food that Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday offer throughout their entire portfolio.

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is renowned for their top quality accommodation in exceptionally beautiful wilderness areas, &Beyond’s outstanding African-style cuisine, friendly service and highly trained and knowledgeable guides mean that there are very few lodges of a higher standard, and they have the added benefit of an all-inclusive concept where all meals, selected drinks and selected activities are included in the daily rate.

Africa Safari Holiday

Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday also strongly believes in giving back to the local communities, which it does by providing employment and land ownership opportunities as well as by building local schools and clinics. This philanthropic spirit has been recognized by numerous international hospitality and conservation awards including the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller’s World Savers Award for Wildlife Conservation, awarded to the flagship Phinda Private Game Reserve in 2008.

This company’s outstanding reputation and collection of international accolades are well-deserved and, by incorporating a stay in an &Beyond property, you can rest assured that some of the proceeds from your trip will be reinvested into sustaining the natural environment in which you are staying.

Andbeyond Luxury Safari Holidays

Sustainability is at the core of this conservation focused luxury travel group and they have a positive influence on more than nine million hectares of land that is dedicated to the protection of wildlife. Community development is also an integral part of Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday’s philosophy. When you visit an andBeyond camp or lodge, you can be sure of the best possible safari experience, excellent service and remarkable people. The extensively trained guides and trackers provide guests with a deep understanding of the wildlife and eco-systems they encounter.

The luxurious andBeyond lodges range from four-star to superior five-star lodges as well as luxury Under Canvas camping in locations chosen for their uniqueness in terms of eco-system, wildlife and local culture. With the great specials and packages on offer, we can put together a safari using andBeyond camps and lodges for almost all budgets.

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Elewana Luxury Safari Packages

Elewana Luxury Safari Packages are safari itineraries that have been customized by Claudious Tours, in conjunction with Elewana Luxury Boutique Collections of Lodges and camps.  Elewana Luxury Safari Packages offer you a choice of 15 unique boutique lodges, camps and hotels in iconic locations across Kenya and Tanzania. With Elewana Luxury Safari Package we give you high-end authentic and memorable safari holidays within the East Africa region, providing the highest quality of luxury and comfort.

Luxury Upmarket Tours

Warm and genuine East African hospitality characterizes Elewana Luxury Safari Packages. In each of our safaris you are able to sample the best that Elewana has got to offer. Elewana guests are always indulged with the utmost luxury and your stay is personalizing to ensure that your holiday at the epicenter of the opulence that is a trademark these unusual safari packages. With an emphasis on authentic experiences that result in lifelong memories, the Elewana Collection is also deeply involved in local community development. This investment not only benefits Elewana’s local employees but guests too.

Elewana Safari Packages

Elewana Collection Luxury Safari Packages

Visitors to an Elewana property can look forward to meaningful exchanges with local people and gain fascinating insights into life in Africa. Locally sourced materials and recycled products ensure minimal impact on the environment while home-grown fresh produce adds to the holistic ‘green’ experience.

Elewana Safari Packages l Upmarket Tours – Kenya Tanzania Holiday Safaris

Some of the reasons for booking the Elewana packaged safaris with us are listed in this sector are given below:-

Responsible Tourism

Every effort has been made to ensure that the environment is maintained and that the tourism activities undertaken at these locations do not interfere with the environment. We also make sure that our actions and those of our clients have minimum detrimental effects on the surrounding ecosystem. Our corporate social responsibility entails sponsoring schools and students among the community, support of local conservation efforts, local medical facilities and recycling of waste materials.

Elewana Safari Package set in Unique Locations

We strive to take you to premier localities where game viewing and sightseeing is at its best. The locations chosen have the distinction have the most wildlife in the vicinity. These locales also have panoramic views that have no equal in the wildlife sanctuaries where Elewana Lodges and Camps are sited.

Tour Driver Guides

Our tour driver guides are professional and well-trained with long experience of guiding and driving tourists from all corners of the world. These guides are guaranteed to give you an enjoyable holiday. They also ensuring that you are safe throughout you tour. This team is very knowledgeable on the rich flora and fauna that is a part of the African wilderness.

Elewana Luxury Safari Packages Activities

Elewana Luxury Safari Packages Among the activities on the Elewana trips are game drives, guided nature walks, horseback riding, camel trekking and lion tracking. We provide fishing, cultural visits, spa treatments and massages.  Sun downers at sunset, surprise bush meals, scuba, snorkeling, kite surfing in warm tropical waters and starlit dinners on white sandy beaches and in the wildlife sanctuaries of East Africa are part of the attractions of these trips.

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Kenya Camping Safari Package

Kenya Camping Safari Package: Kenya Camping Safari packages are the best for the adventurous. Kenya Camping Safari package are tailor made to suit your Holiday and Budget.  Kenya Camping Safari Packages are offered with Low prices for an unbeatable value. Budget Kenya Camping Safaris packages sometimes refer to as economy Safari offers you an opportunity to explore the Masai Mara and get a close encounter with the wildlife of the region. Kenya Camping Safari Package are offered in simple standard safari camps with affordable safari holiday prices suiting every budget traveler. Kenya Camping Safari Package are not only exciting and very close to nature, but it is also ideal for visitors who want a low budget holiday which does not sacrifice on the superb locations that Kenya has to offer.

Kenya Camping Safari Packages

Kenya Camping Safari Packages are the best adventures where you feel very close to the nature. We tailor made budget safaris to suite your budget. This is for single travelers and group travelers. We have daily departures. Kenya Camping Safari is one of the world’s best Kenya safari trips safaris tours. You will be making memories to last you a life time. Waking up to a glowing golden orb of sun, as it rises over the extensive lush plains. As elephants roll their trunks and giraffe mingle in the thorny Acacia and as buffalo paint mud coats and a lion calls for its mate your time with us in the wilderness is sure to be extraordinary.

Kenya Camping Safari

Kenya Camping Safari Packages has been designed to offer the same high quality wildlife safari experience provided by the safari camps, with 4×4 game viewing escorted by top class guides and in exclusive wildlife conservancies, but at a hugely reduced price by staying in small basic adventure camps, “real camping” instead of the luxury accommodation of the expensive up-market tented lodges. We have everything to offer from adventure camping safaris to luxury lodge or tented camp tours. Whatever your preference may be we will bring it right to you in the wilderness.

From dramatic Savannah to the Great Rift Valley, experience Kenya in all its glory. Travel the vast open plains and rolling hills of the Masai Mara and scour the wilderness for Africa’s “big five.” Full-service camping under the big African sky will bring you closer to the region’s wildlife and gets you off the beaten path so you can really experience this land’s unique culture. Our small safari vans minimize drive times and improve your chances of snapping that perfect shot of some of the most amazing animals on the planet.

Kenya Camping Safari Packages

Budget Kenya camping safari are the best adventures where you feel very close to the nature. Claudious Tours and Safaris will tailor make budget safaris to suite your budget. We offer this safari to single traveler and group travelers. We have daily departures throughout the year to Maasai Mara with small groups 6-8 Pax in a tour van. From $200 per person. Kenya Camping Safari Packages – Budget

You can easily spot the big five…. Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and the black Rhino including other animal on your safari trail. safari in Kenya means more than just seeing animals. This is a chance for you to immerse yourself in the wild where the fascinating natural behavior and interaction between species will keep you enthralled. Our safaris are accompanied by experienced driver Guide. The camps are simple standard which suits every budget traveler in both Kenya and Tanzania Safari holiday.

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Africa Luxury Safari Holidays

Africa Luxury Safari Holidays doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort.  Africa Luxury Safari Holidays is Journey to the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa for an unforgettable luxury African safari experience. Africa Safari Holidays Vacations is an adventure quite unlike any other – and each safari holiday is different.  Awe-inspiring African wilderness, spectacular landscapes, magnificent wildlife both big and small, sun downers in the bush, evenings by the campfire, nights under canvas listening to the roar of lions and the cackling of hyenas…  Africa is a world apart; it envelops visitors with its magic and touches their souls.

With our hand-picked collection of exclusive accommodation, classic fly-in safaris and bespoke itineraries, we’ve got Africa Luxury Safari Holidays covered.  Witnessing baby elephant’s play by a water hole, a pride of lion’s snooze beneath a marula tree, and a pack of hyenas corner a warthog—all before lunchtime? There’s nothing like an Africa Luxury Safari Holidays. While the most luxurious safari lodges are pricey to be sure, we guarantee it’s worth the splurge. From the best views and most stylish rooms to over-the-top service and unparalleled wildlife, Africa Luxury Safari Holidays getaways top the rest.

Africa is an exceptional safari destination: it’s remote, wild and famous for its luxury lodges as well as the thundering wildebeest movements in the Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks.

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Africa has some of the world’s Luxury camps, where premium wine cellars, private plunge pools and spas have been created in the most remote settings and the tents can only be described as five-star hotel rooms under canvas. Africa Luxury Safari Holidays here isn’t just about your accommodation; it’s also the exclusive safari experience that comes with it. Africa Luxury Safari Holidays might include private guides, quieter off-the-beaten-track settings, or even bespoke aircraft travel. And of course you’ll still encounter adventure in abundance, with wonderful wildlife-viewing locations and thrilling safari experiences.

Africa Luxury Safari Lodges

Africa Luxury Safari Holidays is synonymous with intimate safari camps, romantically secluded lodges and vast wildernesses that stretch as far as the eye can see. Some of our favorite properties belong to the Elewana collection where ‘wild luxury’ is what it’s all about; perfect for a once-in-a-lifetime trip or special occasion. From small luxury tented camps perfect for honeymooners, to larger lodges tailored to families or even private homesteads for larger family groups or groups of friends, there is a safari experience suited to every traveler. Many tented camps mirror the grandeur and opulence of days gone by, while others have completely reinvigorated the safari lodge, offering a brand new take on African aesthetics, authenticity and luxury.

Africa Luxury Safari Holidays Travelers yet to go on a safari holiday should know it is possible to do so without sacrificing an ounce of comfort, staying in luxury safari camps and lodges whose facilities are the equal of any world-class city hotel, and whose romantic locations are second to none. From South Africa to Kenya, Botswana and beyond, below is my pick of the best luxury safaris in Africa. Africa Luxury Safari Holidays vary hugely in style, landscape and game species in different parks.

Africa Luxury Safari Holidays Accommodation

Our African luxury safari holidays let your imagination take flight: the history of evolution is etched across over 50 diverse countries. Its contemporary cultures and vibrant traditions are a world apart, and the variety of landscapes includes tropical islands, bustling cities, vast Savannah and dense rain forests. And, of course, the magnificent wildlife here ensures that a safari holiday in Africa is at the top of so many people’s bucket lists.

Our Africa Luxury Safari Holidays let your imagination take flight: the history of evolution is etched across over 6 diverse countries. Its contemporary cultures and vibrant traditions are a world apart, and the variety of landscapes includes tropical islands, bustling cities, vast Savannah and dense rain forests. And, of course, the magnificent Africa Luxury Safari Holidays here ensures that a safari holiday in Africa is at the top of so many people’s bucket lists.

The sights and sounds of the stirring wildlife, emerging sunrise, chorus of bird calls and deep bellows of hippopotamus, combined with the cooler morning air, create the most wonderful awakening Africa Luxury Safari Holidays! Whilst it is hard to leave your luxurious lodge, with its stylish modern comforts and sumptuous feasts, the call of the wild beats any more typical morning alarm call and the raw adrenaline beats any shot of caffeine! With experiences ranging from water-based safari camps in lush Botswana, ancient desert sand dunes in Namibia, the vast open plains of Kenya and family-friendly adventures in malaria-free South Africa, there is a wealth of wildlife and landscapes to discover throughout Africa.

Safari Holidays Lodges

African luxury safari holidays are Setting the standard for the modern-day luxury safari, our flagship Safari in Style journeys offer you the very best in boutique safari lodgings expressly designed for smaller groups — including our select portfolio of exquisite tented camps — the most authentic and luxurious way to experience the African bush.

We work closely with the region’s best luxury lodges and safari guides. Our handpicked portfolio of properties includes luxury tented safari camps, boutique beach hotels and private villas.  Expect a tour package that will delivers Africa’s top safari attractions wrapped in superb service and perfect comfort. We’ve personally tried and tested the accommodation and activities we recommend to make sure that your Africa Luxury Safari Holidays vacation is filled with big game thrills, smooth and safe logistics and luxurious comforts.

Africa Safari Trips

Our approach to African safari holidays goes in pursuit of a deeper kind of luxury that’s more than just great safari camps and sweeping savannahs. Kenyan safari holiday offers all the excitement one craves of Africa. Famous for its stunning landscape, magnificent wildlife and pristine beaches, it is home to ancient tribal civilizations, the Great Rift Valley and some of the most dramatic game viewing to be found anywhere, including the migration of over a million wildebeest to the Masai Mara.

Luxury African Safari Accommodation

The essence of the safari experience is obviously the spectacular African wilderness and wildlife – but your accommodation is a big part of the experience too. Your safari can be simple and rustic (bucket showers, no electricity), or fantastically luxurious, chic and stylish (with fine wines and dining, spa treatments and every comfort), with lots of options in between.

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Kenya Bird Watching Safari

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris takes you into the world of Kenya’s avi-fauna! See first-hand the gangly gait of ostriches, the daredevil hunting skills of African fish eagles and the carpets of rose-colored flamingos that cover many of Kenya’s terrestrial and aquatic wildernesses. Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destinations or birding sites in Kenya offer an abundance of bird species, ranging from 200 and 600+ at any given location.

You see common, rare, endangered, threatened and vulnerable species in almost every type of setting – forests, lakes, grasslands, rivers, woodlands, swamps and much more! Finding these smaller creatures amidst the vast and expansive landscapes of Kenya is a real treat for safari goers of all ages and experience levels! Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is located just a short distance from the Kenyan coast near Watamu and Malindi, so bird lovers can spend their mornings walking along white sand beaches and their afternoons exploring the dense forest for bird life.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari

From Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destination the world’s biggest bird, the Ostrich, to spectacular flamingos that congregate in their millions at the various Lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage them in pink, Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris destinations holds some remarkable birding sights that you have to see them to believe. With eleven percent of the world’s species – some 1089 different varieties, Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris destinations is one of the best in the world. It is not unusual for birding trips to record 300-600 different varieties on a short trip or to record more than 120 at a particular site on a single day!

The variety of birds in Kenya is made possible by the favorable climate, diverse habitats and geographical features that make it a suitable migratory route for birds. Even without venturing outside Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, more than 600 resident and migratory bird species are found; more than in any other capital city, and more than in most countries.

Kenya Birdwatching Tours Safari Packages

Kenya Bird Watching Safari

Home of the Specials, Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris destinations offers birding enthusiasts a unique experience, our bird watching safaris incorporates a variety of rich habitats and you can expect some unrivalled birding and wildlife experiences in Kenya and the neighboring countries. Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris destinations provides great birding tour packages with our own best professional guides. Kenya has the highest species concentrations of birds on the continent and some of the most beautiful and wild birding destinations to get your ticks!, Africa is most prized birding spot but Kenya boost with the best birding cites.

Kenya has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa with around 1090 bird species recorded. At least eight of these are national endemics. Around 170 species of Kenya’s birds species are Palearctic migrants (11 species of them with a local breeding population too), mainly from eastern Europe, Russia, the middle East and Siberia. Another 60 species migrate regularly within the Afrotropics or from Madagascar. Some 335 species are found in forest; 230 species are entirely forest dependent.

Besides good birding, one is likely to encounter a fair range of larger African game. The area is also of great cultural interest in the Masai Mara, spend your good time with the Masai elders in their village get to know a little bit of their culture and many more.

Best time for Kenya Bird Watching Safari

Like the game viewers, bird watchers will find the early morning hours (6.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.) most enjoyable period of their trip. This is the time most birds move out of their roosting places and fly out or walk to the open fields or roadside to chase for beetles, worms. ants, grasshoppers, moths and other insects before the latter retreat under grass cover or furrows.

Seed eating birds like Guinea fowl, Sandgrouse, Spurfowl and others are extremely active at that time tuming grass heaps over and over looking for seeds. lt is possible for a lucky bird watcher to spot over 100 bird species within one hour. lf you haven’t seen much before 1 l a.m., you are advised to rest during the heat of the day before setting out again at 3 o’clock for evening bird watching trips.

Kenya Bird watching safaris – Guides

Local bird guides are available at numerous of sites and are your best aid for locating and identifying the many species. They live at or near these sites and their birding interest is nurtured by that association with visiting scientists, birders and added to by some formal training.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari is good all year round in Kenya.

The rainy seasons of April and November coincide with migration of birds from and to Europe and Asia, and some of the top day’s totals have been recorded at that time. Migrants make up only about ten percent of Kenya’s birdlife. Spectacular birds of the bush –guinea fowl, go-away birds, rollers and barbets, to mention but a few – are active all year.

To see Kenya’s rarest, indigenous and unfortunately endangered birds, the bird enthusiast needs to seek out forests or highland grasslands tucked away amongst various farmlands. Arabuko-Sokoke Forest near Malindi, tops the list, with the six threatened bird species of the Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, Spotted Ground Thrush, East Coast Akalat, Amani Sunbird and Clarke’s Weaver.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destinations – mountain range.

In western Kenya, Kakamega Forest is a little patch of Guineo-Congolian rainforest in Kenya. Among the many rainforest species found are spectacular Turacos and Hornbills, and the tiny, endangered Turner’s Eremomela. The scarce and threatened Papyrus Yellow Warbler is found in papyrus swamps on the shores of Lake Victoria, alongside the Papyrus Gonolek, White-winged Warbler and Papyrus Canary, all papyrus endemics.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Nairobi City

In Nairobi you are guaranteed to find birds everywhere you travel. A stroll in hotel gardens, a trip to the Nairobi National Park or the grounds of the National Museum is likely to turn up bright black and yellow weavers, tiny iridescent sunbirds resembling flying jewels, Secretary Bird, Bustards and Mousebirds with long tails, which are unique to Africa.

The giant Marabou Storks, a frequent visitor to the city, now nests on the acacia trees along the streets. Nature Kenya organizes weekly Morning Birdwalks in and around Nairobi to these and many more sites. A surprisingly wide range of habitats can be visited on day trips from Nairobi. These include Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley, the dry bush around the Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site, and the Escarpment Forests in the foothills of the Aberdare mountain range.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is popular with birders as Elephant watchers. Over 400 species including at least 40 raptors have been recorded. Notable species include the Lesser Flamingo, many ducks, darters and heron nest in the wetlands, and birds of prey including a small population of Martial Eagles.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Maasai Mara National Park

The Mara is equally popular with birders, and specialist birding safaris. Of the over 500 recorded species, notables include the Corncrake, Grey crested Helmet Shrike, Lesser Kestrel, Madagascar Squacco Heron, Saddle Billed Stork, Secretary Bird, Ostrich, White headed Vulture among more common species, Lilac Breasted Roller, Yellow billed Ox pecker among the large herds, and Martial and Crowned Eagles.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Meru National Park

Meru area is excellent Birding country, becoming popular with specialist birding safaris. There have been recorded sightings of Saddle Billed Stork, Pel’s Fishing Owl and African Fin foots in the swamps and along the river.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Samburu

This area is very popular with birders, and specialist birding safaris. Samburu and Buffalo Springs have over 380 recorded species, with similar numbers in Shaba. Notable species recorded include arid endemics such as Donaldson-Smith’s Sparrow Weaver, Shining Sunbird and the Bristle Crowned Starling, many Vulturine Guinea fowl, several Hornbill species, Somali Ostrich and rare species such as the Taita Falcon, migratory Kestrels and William’s Lark.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destinations – Tsavo

This vast area is excellent Birding country, popular with specialist birding safaris. Notable species recorded include the rare Basra Reed Warbler, Friedmann’s Lark, Ostrich, Blue Quail, Violet Wood hoopoe, Martial and Crowned Eagle.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Tana River Delta

The Tana River Delta area is an excellent area for birding. The Delta itself attracts an average population of around 20,000 water birds, including Pelicans, Egrets, Storks, Flamingo, Geese and many shorebirds. The Surrounding forests are also rich with birdlife, including the rare Southern Banded Snake Eagle, East Coast Akalat, Malindi Pipit, Basra Reed Warbler, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Violet Wood Hoopoe, Scaly babbler, and of course, the Tana River Cisticola.

Birding Safaris Destinations – Shimba Hills

This is an important bird area, and is frequently visited by specialist Birding safaris. Species of interest recorded here include the Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Fischer’s Turaco, Sokoke Pipit, East Coast Akalat and migratory Eurasian Cuckoos.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Taita and Chyulu Hills

The Chyulu area is very popular with birders, and specialist birding safaris. Notable species recorded include Abbots Starlings en route from Mt Kenya to Kilimanjaro, Shelley’s Francolin, Orange Ground Thrush and several rare raptors- Ayre’s Hawk Eagle, Crowned Eagle and Martial Eagle. The Taita Hills are also a very important bird reserve, with many endemics including the Taita Falcon, Taita Thrush, Taita White Eye and the Taita Apalis.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Mount Elgon

This is an important bird area, and is frequently visited by specialist birding safaris. Species of interest recorded here include the slender billed Starling, Sharpe’s Long claw, and Crowned Eagle; Ring necked Francolin, Striped Rufftail, Red chested Owlet, Thick billed Honeyguide, Toro Olive Greenbul and Purple throated Cuckoo Shrike.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Mount Kenya

Mt Kenya and its surrounding forests are good birding country. Notable species recorded here include the Lesser Kestrel, Jackson’s Widowbird, Abbots Starling, Jackson’s Francolin, Hunter’s Cisticola, the Crowned Eagle, African Grass Owl and Cape Eagle Owl.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destinations – Aberdares

The bird-rich Aberdares are very popular with birders, and specialist birding safaris. At least 200 species have been recorded, including African Green Ibis, African Cuckoo Hawk, Cape Eagle Owl, Mountain Buzzard and Hartlaub’s Turaco. Rare species include the Scarlet tufted Sunbird, long tailed Widowbird, African grass owl and the Aberdare Cisticola on the moorlands.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The Arabuko Sokoke Forest is a very important area for birding. Among the endemics here is the Sokoke Scops Owl, the world’s rarest Owl. The species is only found in this forest, although there have been reported sightings in the Usambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania. This highly elusive bird is more often seen than heard, but the chance of a sighting makes this a real mecca for birders. Even if you don’t locate a Scops- there are plenty of other species to be seen, including the rare Clarke’s Weaver, Fischer’s Turaco, Southern Banded Snake Eagle and the Amani and Plain backed Sunbirds.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Kakamega Forest

Kakamega’s main attraction is its birdlife. The forest is a unique environment, not just in Kenya but in Africa. There are a number of relict species found here, including the Angsore’s Greenbul, Blue headed Beeeater, Chapin’s Flycatcher and Turner’s Eremola. Other notables include the Red Chested Owlet, Least Honeyguide, Great Blue Turaco, Banded Snake eagle, and Crowned Eagle. Kakamega is a popular destination for birders and is well set up for bird watching safaris.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Birding Safaris Destinations – Baringo

This is an important bird area, and is frequently visited by specialist Birding safaris. Species of interest recorded here include Jackson’s and Hemprich’s Hornbills, Bristle Crowned Starling, and waterbirds including Goliath Heron, White backed Duck, and African Skimmers and Darters.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Bogoria

Bogoria is an important bird area, with its large populations of flamingo. Other species of interest recorded here include many Black Necked Grebe, African Darter, White necked vulture and African Fish Eagle. The best way to see birdlife in this area is to travel around the lakeshore. The acacia forests and cliffs are both rich birding country.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Elementaita

This is considered an important bird area, frequently visited by specialist Birding safaris. Species of interest recorded here include both Lesser and Greater Flamingo, the remarkable Jackson’s Widowbird and the Grey crested helmet Shrike. Both Martial and Crowned Eagles have also been sighted here.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Magadi

The flamingo breeding grounds here are an important bird area, and are frequently visited by specialist Birding safaris. Other species of interest recorded here include the African Spoonbill, Cape Teal, Great Egret and the Avocet.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Naivasha

This is an important birding area, and the entire region is a popular destination with specialist birding tours. Naivasha has over 400 recorded bird species. The waters of the Lake obviously attract many waterbirds including the continent’s highest concentration of African Fish Eagles, many Goliath Heron, Jacanas, Pied and Malachite Kingfisher, Red-knobbed coot, Spoonbills, Little Grebe, rare Maccoa Duck, African Darters and Saddle Billed Stork. The shores and forests of the lake are also excellent birding territory, while the cliffs of Hell’s Gate National Park are and important nesting area for many raptor species.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Nakuru

One of Nakuru’s greatest attractions is its birds, and this is a common stop for specialist Birding safaris. Apart from the obvious Greater and Lesser Flamingo, species of interest recorded here include many Great White Pelican and Black necked and Little Grebe, as well as rare Martial Eagle, Lesser Kestrel and Madagascar Squacco Heron.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari – Lake Victoria

There are several excellent birding areas around Lake Victoria. The Main areas of interest are the swamps at Kusa, Koguta and Dunga and within Ruma National Park. The Swamps are one of last refuges of the endangered Papyrus Gonolek and Papyrus Yellow Warbler, while Ruma is the only place in Kenya where the migratory Blue Swallow has been sighted.

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Kenya Family Vacation Safari Package allows you to experience a wonderful Kenya family holiday. Kenya Family Vacation Safari Package offers the best of Kenya, taking you on a captivating and magical journey through the jewel of East Africa, with something special for the whole family. On your Kenya Family Vacation Safari Package, you will see rolling golden Savannah, stampedes of antelope and Lions roaring in the twilight. Kenya Family Vacation Safari Package offers a chance to explore Kenya’s best and most pristine wildlife habitats on an itinerary designed for fun.

Kenya has long been viewed as one of the chief African Family Safari destinations. Family Holiday Safari Packages Kenya – We provide Family holiday safari packages suitable to your budget to experience this great feat by incorporating best services. Kenya has long been a top choice of Family Holiday Safari Packages Kenya for families with adolescent youngsters. Discover the wonderful animals and people of Kenya on this family safari holiday. Kenya Family Safari Holidays, family safari tours. Guided family tours in Kenya, dotted with glorious wildlife views, short nature walks, group bird watching safari, animal photography and an exclusive animal feeding group safaris, it is one of the most favorite package for any family holiday maker.

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Kenya is a perfect choice for the individuals who wish to go on vacation or travel together with their families, friends and kids. There are various areas for a family’s escape Kenya is one of the best African nations for a Family Holiday Safari Packages Kenya. There are numerous places to tour and different attractions to experience which you can barely finish undertaking inside one visit to Kenya. A family Holiday safari is a big family holiday unlike any other. Kenya Family Safari Packages is a chance to see animals of all kinds in beautiful natural environments. To experience African cultures and share real adventures together. And maybe finish with a few days by the Indian Ocean.

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When we design a family safari holiday we take you into the heart of real Africa nothing like what you find in package holiday brochures. Kenya Safari allows you to experience a wonderful Kenya family holiday from the highs of Mount Kenya to the spectacle of Lake Nakuru and the impressive wildlife of the Masai Mara and the beach paradise of the coast. Our Kenya Family Safari offers the best of Kenya, taking you on a captivating and magical journey through the jewel of East Africa, with something special for the whole family. On your Kenya family holiday see rolling golden savannahs, stampedes of antelope, Lions roaring in the twilight, Masai warriors tending to their cattle and dense forested areas teeming with birds and rare wildlife.

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Spend an unforgettable family safari in Kenya tracking big cats on game drives on a Masai Mara safari; drifting over vast plains on a scenic hot air balloon flight; going on guided bush walks led by red-robed Maasai warriors and hand feeding giraffe at the well-known Giraffe Manor. And when they’re not with you, your kids can join in junior ranger programmed packed with unforgettable experiences such as learning to shoot a bow and arrow, making fire with sticks or casting animal tracks in plaster. Kenya Family Safari Packages: – Kenya Family Safari Packages Safari is more than just your average foray into the African wilds.  In our Kenya Family Safari Packages, Priceless memories are made when the family goes on a safari. Activities abound for every age …. Maasai – and Samburu-style traditional beaded necklace making. Swahili mask-making. Nightly star-gazing.

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In our Kenya Family Safari Packages, we chose the finest accommodation for the whole family. Each lodge is family-friendly, with swimming pools and diversions for tyke and teen alike. And of course, we offer our Kenya Family Safari Packages during ideal family travel times, designed to coincide with school vacations. Even the food is customized—simple, fun foods for the kids and gourmet cuisine for discerning adults.

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