Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday

Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday gives personal insight into some of the 42 different native tribes, their beliefs and their traditions. Although, most of Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday experiences are visiting authentic remote villages. Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday offer you an opportunity to come face to face with the vast cultures and ethnic groups (Kenya boasts of 42 ethnic groups). A mixture of people and colorful tradition is guaranteed to thrill you. The rich cultural heritage and diversity can be experienced through visiting the people in their homesteads and hence coming into reality with their traditions and beliefs. Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday offer discoveries on African Cultures while on our carefully designed Kenya Cultural Safari.

Kenya has a culture born of countless sources. This region has been crossed by the paths of a long and complex history. From the prehistoric records of early man to the present day, Kenya has been a land of unending change, contrasts and diversity. Marveling at the colorful costumes and famous agile dances of the most diverse 42 plus different cultures, the ancient ways of Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays the Masai and Samburu remain inscrutable mystery. Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays give you an opportunity to study two very contra communities of Luo who are fishermen and Masai who are pluralists but both co-exist in remarkable harmony. Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays give you a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse cultural and traditional practices of different tribes of Kenya.

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Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday

More importantly, many of the indigenous people in Kenya face great pressure from the modern world. Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays help raise awareness about their challenges, as well as the vital role they play in Africa. We arrange a cultural tour to a local village where you witness an authentic way of life that exists in few places in today’s world. You are welcomed into a traditional home to observe meal preparation, familial structure and ancient practices. Our Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays itinerary are culturally-sensitive so that your visit has little to no impact on the village and people.

Claudious Tours and Safaris facilitates your opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse Kenya Cultural Safaris-Tours holidays and traditional practices of different tribes of Kenya. The major tribes in Kenya are Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kikuyu and Luhya which together account for 70% of the total population. In their rural homes, these Kenyan tribes exhibit the distinct Kenya cultural code of practices and traditions peculiar to each other. Our Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays itineraries are flexible as the number of days to participate in them, depends on which tribe, season, occasion and distance from the starting point.

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The Maasai tribe is the most authentic ethnic tribe of Kenya. The Maasai tribe is a unique and popular tribe in Kenya due to their long preserved traditional culture. Despite education, civilization and western cultural influences, the Maasai people in Kenya have clung to their traditional way of life, making them a symbol of Kenyan culture. We offer the traveler a unique opportunity to interact with these indigenous Kenyan peoples whose rich cultural heritage extends down the centuries. Kenya being a country that has a wealth of cultural activities extending across the entire country, we offer the intrepid traveler a chance to tailor-make these cultural tours to individual specifications so that the cultural immersion in Kenya becomes an unforgettable experience.

A trip to Kenya is about more than just wildlife or scenery- the real face of our country is found among the combined faces of Kenya’s many cultures. It is the people who bring the destination to life, each of our landscapes has a different cultural significance to a different community, and the wildlife has long been an essential part of our traditional cultures.

Tourism is traveling for discovery or for pleasure to places that are of great interest. Tourists have an interest in people of the places they visit. They want to familiarize with their culture, their lifestyle and their practices. In Kenya, cultural tourism is practiced with an aim of understanding the origins of a people’s culture, their attachment to some practices, their norms and taboos as well as their outlook on the meaning of life. Kenya Cultural Safaris-Tours holidays experiences provide tourists with an experience that they would otherwise not get elsewhere.

Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday

Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday mostly target the indigenous communities that are still holding on to their traditional way of life. To travel through Kenya is to experience a unique cultural mosaic as old as creation. Meet the Swahili sailors of the Coast; meet the Maasai, Samburu and Turkana, who are known to be rich in traditional songs and dances, not forgetting that, they form the population of cattle herders and moralists. Their food culture is also another aspect that seems to promote cultural tourism in Kenya, bearing in mind that their most favorite drink is milk mixed with fresh animal blood and they live in thorn-enclosed villages. You can also visit or fish with the Luo, master fisherman of Lake Victoria in the West.  Anywhere you travel in Kenya, you will find new and fascinating cultures, and cultural events.

Kenya has 42 cultures, countless languages and dialects and one of the most richly diverse social tapestries on earth. Kenya’s heritage stretches back longer than most, and the depth of its history can be seen in the three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kenya. At Koobi Fora, some of the earliest evidence of human habitation on earth has been found, while the streets of Lamu echo with the history of centuries of sea trade, and Mt Kenya is a biosphere reserve that combines respect for a traditional symbol of creation and the need to conserve our environment for the future. Common attractions are the tribal villages and respective communities’ style of life within the National Parks where tourists witness the co-existence of the tribes and wild animals while taking into account the sustainability of the environment.

Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday

During your Kenya Cultural Tour Safari Holiday trip, you will meet members of the Maasai and Samburu tribes in their villages or at many of the accommodations in the country. You see just a hint of their cultures while listening to traditional songs around the campfire and watching demonstrations of their dances. Your village visit may be enhanced with a personal meeting with the elders who gladly share their wisdom. You may also be invited to participate in a traditional wedding, other rites of passage e.g. warrior ceremonies or watch the village women create the intricate beaded jewelry for which both tribes are known.

When people think of cultural safari in Africa, Kenya Cultural Safaris-Tours holidays are the one that comes to mind. From the stampeding herds of the Mara to the cultures of the Maasai, Rendille and Samburu, and the Pink Flamingos of the Rift Valley Lakes against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kenya. This is the original “Out of Africa “cultural safari destination.

Explore Kenya in comfort and style when doing your Kenya Cultural Safaris – Tours Holidays, staying at the very best luxury Kenya hotels, safari lodges and tented camps. This fly-in premier Kenya tours allows more time for you to enjoy game viewing and relax. Our selection of affordable Kenya safari tours allows you to experience an array of Kenyan game reserves. Discover the wildlife, culture and landscapes, with a personalized authentic safari experience.

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