Africa Film Movies Location Hunting

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting, Films and Movies Made in Africa, Film Location Hunting, Movie Location Hunting: -We have location scouts to find and photograph locations for their productions of feature films and short films, television commercials and television shows, documentary films, corporate video, print advertising photography and editorial photography. Apart from the Africa Film Movies Location Hunting, we also offer event planning and arrange meetings between the local and licensing authorities and our clients for seamless integration of the services we offer.

We help you realize the challenges posed by the logistics of shooting in different locale, transporting staff and equipment and gauging the weather patterns that might interfere with shoots and thereby creating timeline disruptions for production. Claudious Tours assists in securing filming licenses in the countries where pre-production scouting and filming is required. We also source local actors and other personnel needed for the creation of short films and feature films, television shows and television commercials, documentary films, corporate video, print advertising photography and editorial photography.

Films and Movies Made in Africa l Film Location Hunting

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting

We offer our services throughout the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan for both local and foreign film production firms; ensuring that at the end of every shoot the environment is left in its former condition without degradation, and where possible, Claudious Tours put in place ecological teams to monitor and evaluate the social and environmental impact while using mitigating measures to effect minimum environmental interference at shooting locales.

In location hunting it is important to note that times and seasons change the appearance of a filming location and part of our work is to advise of the best time to filming for certain results. This is in respect of lighting, weather, dryness or wetness, drought, floods of a location in tedium with the script and the best means to transfer equipment and personnel to shooting sites. Security cannot be left out of such considerations and we have the latest information of the security situation at each shooting location. Our links with the security apparatus of the countries where we scout also offer us adequate security before and after a shoot.

Films and Movies Made in Africa l Film Location Hunting

Filming Comes Back to Kenya After Years of Being Down South Despite the fact that movies such as Eye in the Sky and Man Eaters of Tsavo are Kenyan stories the locations where they were shot are in Southern Africa. This is because for years the government did not notice the benefits of filming in the country and instead were charging exorbitant fees for the licensing of films shot in Kenya. Films and Movies Made in Africa, other films that joined the band-wagon of Kenyan stories filmed elsewhere include the following: -Riverwood Academy Awards, a cousin of the Kalasha Film and TV awards, has come of age and regularly offers the most outstanding film makers and actors awards thus raising the local filming standards and ensuring that Kenya’s place on the Global Filming map is maintained. There was a time Kenya was the premier filming destination in Africa.

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting:

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting: – More Films Made in Africa – Lord of War (2005, South Africa):- Lord of War is the story of Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage), the infamous arms dealer who made his fortune selling weapons in some of the world’s deadliest war zones, to some of history’s most notorious dictators. On shooting in Africa, Cage commented: “It’s a beautiful country, the way the light falls here in Africa, you can see animals, the amount of things you can do. It’s a high adrenalin experience being in Africa.” Jared Leto plays the role of Vitaly, Yuri’s younger brother, who struggles to get into the underworld of arms dealing and, instead, turns to cocaine. “That’s one of the unique things about South Africa,” remarked Leto, when asked about his time in the country. “It can double for so much of the world.

The topography; it’s such a bizarre place in a beautiful way. It’s been a pleasure to shoot here.” Always under threat from rival arms dealers and Interpol agent, Jack Valentine (Ethan Hawke), Orlov pretends to play the perfect father and husband to Ava (Bridget Moynahan), who thinks he’s a businessman. The movie was filmed in the USA (for nine days), then ten weeks in Cape Town, wrapping up with three days in the Czech Republic. Lower Main Road in Cape Town’s suburb, Woodstock, was completely transposed into a war-torn street scene in Monrovia.

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting – The Last King of Scotland (Uganda, 2006)

This movie combines both fact and fiction in an action-packed historical film about Uganda and its most powerfully terrorizing leader, the infamous Idi Amin. Played by Forest Whitaker, this incredible story of a young Ugandan, who climbed from nothing to a position of considerable power as Uganda’s president in 1971, soon turns into a tale of corruption, fear and frightening cruelty. Told from the perspective of Dr Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy), a young doctor from Scotland who is hired as Amin’s personal physician, we are led through the story. From Amin’s initial charismatic, enthusiastic rule of the new democracy through to his spiral into unspeakable atrocities played out on the Ugandan people.

After several meetings with the Uganda Authorities a movie filmed on location in many of the places where these moments in history really took place, like Entebbe Airport, where the hostage crisis occurred in 1971. Obviously, shooting in Africa, especially in a country where films are seldom made, was a major challenge.

When asked about the experience, Andrea Calderwood, producer, said: “The thing that truly saved us in Uganda is that everybody in the cast and crew embraced the huge challenges of shooting there, and embraced working with people who haven’t done films before, and did so with incredible energy and good humor.”

Africa Filming Location Hunting District 9 (South Africa, 2009)

Director, Neill Blomkamp shot this allegorical Science Fiction feature film exclusively in Johannesburg. It’s the story of an alien species who find themselves stranded on earth, leaderless. In a tale that partly mimics the apartheid years, the audience sees the aliens living in squalor, and being treated like third class citizens. They’re a brutal species but, as is the case with any good movie, by the end of it, it’s hard not to sympathize with them. Shot with an almost completely South African crew, Blomkamp said the thing he found hardest to deal with was the environment in which they shot much of the film – Chiawelo, an impoverished area of Soweto. He was, however, taken by the warmth of its people, despite their circumstances. Nominated for four Oscars, amongst many other awards, the film took the box office by storm when it was released after a fantastic viral marketing-centered promotional period.

Africa Film Movies Location Hunting

Mad Max: Fury Road (Namibia, released 2015)

Over 35 years after the first Mad Max film, Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth in the series, was released in 2015. The first three Mad Max movies, starring Mel Gibson, were shot (and set) in Australia, but this one required a dystopian, barren landscape needed for Mad Max and the shoot moved to Namibia. Directed, produced and co-written by George Miller, the mastermind behind the Mad Max franchise, the film stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron and is an action-packed trail through the vast and beautiful apocalyptic desert landscape.

Films and Movies Made in Africa l Film Location Hunting – Cry Freedom (Zimbabwe, 1987)

The story of political activist, Steve Biko, is set in South Africa. Shot in the late 80’s, at the height of Apartheid, it was not possible to shoot it in the country so it was, instead, shot in neighboring Zimbabwe. Denzel Washington plays Biko, supported by Kevin Kline, in the role of his friend, journalist Donald Woods. The film follows the story of Biko, as chronicled in Woods’ two books on the political activist. Biko died aged 30, under suspicious circumstances in prison. This movie reflects an inside look at the history of South Africa, and the atrocities of the Apartheid regime and was nominated for an Oscar award. It showcases the cinematography of the country of Zimbabwe.

Films and Movies Made in Africa l Film Location Hunting – Invictus (South Africa, 2009)

Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandela in the telling of the triumphant story behind South Africa’s winning of the 1996 Rugby World Cup. It was shot on location – many of them the actual locations where the events happened – in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and on Robben Island, using predominantly South African cast and crew. Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), the captain of the Springbok rugby team, becomes friends with the president as they aim to unite the country through sport.

Shooting the scene where the team visited the cell where Nelson Mandela spent so many years on Robben Island made a huge impression on the cast and crew, leaving them silent in contemplation, just as it did all those years’ ago, on the Springbok team. Directed by Clint Eastwood, he chose to film the story, a real-life portrayal of Madiba’s ability to unite a once-fractured country, entirely in South Africa, to retain the authenticity of this heart-warming and triumphant tale. Shooting in Africa, as always, brings its own challenges. At one point a scene was being shot in a forest near Cape Town, and the scene had to be delayed slightly, while the baboons in the trees cleared off. They stayed nearby though, a primate audience chattering in the trees!

Blood Diamond (South Africa/Mozambique, 2006)

Set in Sierra Leone in 1999, Blood Diamond is the story of a mercenary from South Africa (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a Mende fisherman (Djimon Hounsou). While the civil war rages in Sierra Leone, the two, despite coming from vastly different backgrounds, join forces to try and recover a rare pink diamond. The film highlights the trade of blood diamonds – those mined in war zones and used to bankroll conflict in Africa and profit both diamond companies and warlords.

Working conditions of miners are horrific and the film shows the atrocities of both this industry and the violence of the civil war in Sierra Leone. Due to the poor infrastructure in Sierra Lone itself, the film was shot on locations in Cape Town, Port Edward (on the KwaZulu Natal coast) and Mozambique. Sierra Leone is a tropical country, so the tropical conditions of KwaZulu Natal and Mozambique could be dressed relatively easily to look authentic.

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