Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday
Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is a personalized high-end tour in Africa offering discerning travelers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it should be. Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is Africa’s leading ecotourism organization, committed to providing world-class holiday experiences for discerning travellers, and to ongoing investment in sustainable conservation development and community empowerment.

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday’s ecotourism model recognizes that economic development of the areas in which they operate is crucial to the maintenance of bio-diversity. Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday also acknowledges that much of Africa’s wildlife heritage and land is influenced or owned by local communities. Their model – successfully implemented throughout their operations in Africa — links international high net worth, low volume/low impact visitors to these wilderness areas and their resident communities who directly benefit from the resultant revenues of ecotourism and conservation

Andbeyond Luxury Safari Holiday Packages

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday offers an Africa of vast selection of luxury Lodges in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The company is committed to providing world-class experiences for discerning luxury adventure travelers.  Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday was established alongside rising international demand for responsible tourism and wilderness experiences, and in the belief that, through business enterprise, wildlife conservation could be placed on a sustainable economic footing.

Today, Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday operate over 35 exceptional lodges in some of Africa’s most breathtaking locations, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the Serengeti plains and the Masai Mara. Whilst all of the lodges are in unique settings and have their own distinct personalities, they all benefit from the exceptional standards of accommodation, staff and food that Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday offer throughout their entire portfolio.

Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday is renowned for their top quality accommodation in exceptionally beautiful wilderness areas, &Beyond’s outstanding African-style cuisine, friendly service and highly trained and knowledgeable guides mean that there are very few lodges of a higher standard, and they have the added benefit of an all-inclusive concept where all meals, selected drinks and selected activities are included in the daily rate.

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Andbeyond Africa Safari Holiday also strongly believes in giving back to the local communities, which it does by providing employment and land ownership opportunities as well as by building local schools and clinics. This philanthropic spirit has been recognized by numerous international hospitality and conservation awards including the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller’s World Savers Award for Wildlife Conservation, awarded to the flagship Phinda Private Game Reserve in 2008.

This company’s outstanding reputation and collection of international accolades are well-deserved and, by incorporating a stay in an &Beyond property, you can rest assured that some of the proceeds from your trip will be reinvested into sustaining the natural environment in which you are staying.

Andbeyond Luxury Safari Holidays

Sustainability is at the core of this conservation focused luxury travel group and they have a positive influence on more than nine million hectares of land that is dedicated to the protection of wildlife. Community development is also an integral part of Andbeyond Africa Luxury Safari Holiday’s philosophy. When you visit an andBeyond camp or lodge, you can be sure of the best possible safari experience, excellent service and remarkable people. The extensively trained guides and trackers provide guests with a deep understanding of the wildlife and eco-systems they encounter.

The luxurious andBeyond lodges range from four-star to superior five-star lodges as well as luxury Under Canvas camping in locations chosen for their uniqueness in terms of eco-system, wildlife and local culture. With the great specials and packages on offer, we can put together a safari using andBeyond camps and lodges for almost all budgets.

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