Africa Wildlife Photographic safari
Africa Photographic Safari Adventure

Africa Wildlife Photographic safari

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays requires patience and preparation. Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories and your art of Wildlife Photography.  Africa Photography Tours include a mixture of wildlife, landscape and tribal people photography tours and areas covered include Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania. Nothing beats traveling with like minded people, passionate about wildlife photography when doing Africa Wildlife Photographic Tours.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays allow you the time and space to study the world’s natural inhabitants in a way that modern life seldom leaves time for. Whether your dream is photographing the migration in Masai Mara, Capturing the Africa’s tallest mountain, or the big five on safari, our selection of expert-led wildlife photography holidays will ensure you return home with some frame-worthy memories.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays Packages

When taking Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays, It’s important that your guide is dedicated to photography and understands the technical aspects of taking a good wildlife photo. On your Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays, Vehicle positioning is essential as it ensures the best angle for you and your camera in any given situation. It’s also essential that the safari vehicle has sufficient space with not more than three people per van.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays

Private guided safaris ensure that all these matters are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the creative aspects of your Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays. On photographic safaris, destinations are chosen with photography in mind and your itinerary will consider all the best times to be out and enjoying the wilderness. Photographic camps have the necessary editing, charging and storage facilities for your photos so you need not worry about bringing laptops, extra batteries and other bulky and expensive equipment.

Photographic Safaris in Africa is Captivated by Africa’s landscapes, people and wildlife, photographers have always been inspired to make a visual record of the far flung Savannah plains and dramatic hoof-and-claw encounters they witness here. Early adventurers painted what they saw; modern visitors capture the moment through the lens of a camera, often with passion and expertise to rival a professional photographer.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays is a fairly individual pursuit. Photographic Safari demands time and patience as well as an in-depth knowledge of local conditions and the subject, especially when your lens is trained on a wild creature. Keen photographers are often restrained on a general safari – they lack the freedom to stake out a waterhole for hours or wait patiently for a lion pride to catch up with a herd of buffalo. The perfect safari, from a photographer’s point of view, is one that balances patient observation of the details with a sharp eye for dramatic opportunities.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays are designed especially for photographers, includes Kenya’s finest wildlife areas and escorted by professional wildlife photographer. Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays includes exclusive wildlife viewing opportunities in: Masai Mara Conservancy, other private Masai Mara Conservancy and game drives in other National Parks. Photography holidays in Africa: – Africa can be the venue for a magical photography holiday: many of our destinations are very photogenic. We can help you get the best out of your trip – and to plan a trip with lots of great photographic opportunities in it.

Our guided Photographic Africa Safaris

Africa offers some of the most impressive subjects to photograph in the world, seeing wildlife up close in their natural habitat, diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures. Our Africa photographic safari tours see you travel with professional wildlife photographers who give you every assistance to capture iconic images of Africa’s big five, plains game, smaller creatures and spectacular landscapes.

Photo Safaris Tours in Africa

Africa has incredible wildlife, jaw-dropping horizons, friendly local people and unforgettable sunsets – Africa is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, or just want a piece of Africa to take home and marvel at forever, snapping the perfect photo of a prowling lion or an inquisitive giraffe is a huge part of everyone’s African safari.

Kenya’s Masai Mara is famous for its spectacular migration of wildebeest and zebras, with Nile Crocodiles, Lions and other big cats lying in wait at the Mara River crossings, making for awesome wildlife photography! Our Kenya photography tours are based on a private concession where we share the experience with just a few other people, not the crowds who visit the Masai Mara reserve proper. We also explore the Laikipia Plateau, the best place in Kenya for African Wild Dogs. One of Africa’s very best photo safaris!

Spending eight days with top wildlife photographers is a special experience. Based in the stunning Kicheche Bush Camp within the Olare Motorogi private conservancy, your days of off-road game drives and close tuition will certainly take your wildlife photos to the next level. Embarking on exciting game drives with your camera in hand, you’ll spend a few days taking your best shorts in Masai Mara national park.

Africa Photographic Safari Adventure in Botswana

Botswana is an outstanding country for wildlife photography, with the Okavango Delta, the Savuti Channel and Chobe National Parks being among the greatest place on the African continent for getting great images that you will treasure forever. Botswana is the best place in Africa for photographing African Wild Dogs (also known as Hunting Dogs).

Photography holidays in Namibia

Namibia photography tours are a wonderful mix of landscapes, wildlife (sometimes with an ‘with a difference’ approach focusing on small critters) and tribal people in this most scenic of African countries. You can even try your hand at night photography under the clear Namibian desert skies. Our Namibia tours include the Kalahari Desert (including adjacent South Africa), the awesome sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the misty seascapes of the Skeleton Coast, desert lions, elephants and rhinos, the Himba people of the far northwest and the huge and wildlife-rich Etosha National Park. This diversity makes for one of our most popular photo safaris in Africa.

Photography holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania photography tours focus on the wildlife spectacle of the world-famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, arguably the best place for wildlife photography in the whole of Africa. More than a million wildebeest and zebras flood into Tanzania’s southeastern Serengeti between February-April and the predators, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards and hyenas, take full advantage. The wonderful scenery of Serengeti and Ngorongoro, including great clouds capes, is the icing on the cake during this extraordinary photo safari.

Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays help you Capture an amazing wildlife and landscapes on a photographic safari. No matter what your level of photographic prowess, Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays will provide you with countless chances to take the perfect photograph. There are many luxury lodges that offer specialist photo safaris for amateurs and professionals alike.

Planning a photographic safari

Africa offers diversity all year round and it comes down to what you wish to capture on your photographic safari. Planning is easy when you know your variables and work with a specialist like us. Once we ascertain what you wish to capture in your photography, we align it with the best wilderness and wildlife experiences your time and budget can allow.

Private Tailor-made Photographic Safaris

We work together to design your ultimate photographic safari.

If you are passionate about photography in Africa whilst on vacation yet don’t want a group tour, then a private tailor-made itinerary is just the ticket. Throughout Africa, we work with private guides and camp owners who are in brilliant wilderness areas, ideal for wildlife photography. So once your objectives are clear, we get started on planning the photographic safari taking in camps and lodges that embrace photographers. Hidden ‘wildlife hides’ camouflaged to keep you safe while you sit and watch the wildlife wander by or drink from waterholes, custom built 4×4 vehicles with mounts, bean bags to absorb the bumps and boats with swivel chairs and mounts for 360 degree wildlife photography.

Why go on a photographic safari?

Our classic African safaris, whether you join one of our group departures or if we set up a safari for you, will feature all the stunning wildlife viewing opportunities that Africa has to offer. Suitable for all levels of photographic experience, these safaris will encourage you to ask questions, try out different techniques, experiment with dramatic lighting and learn from not only your leader, but from other members of your group.

One of our experienced naturalist guides will take you to explore the most beautiful safari destinations in Africa. We will travel by Land Rover and private planes and we will spend each night in comfortable safari camps or lodges. This will allow us to relax and savor our beautiful surroundings, but it will also afford us the ability to clean or recharge our gear as we go. The instruction will always be casual and flexible, taking into account everyone’s level of skill and keeping in mind that Africa and its wildlife are by definition wild and unpredictable!

Africa Photographic Safari Adventure Packages

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages

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