Africa Photographic Safaris Packages
Africa Photographic Safaris Packages

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories and improve your art of photography. Our Africa Photographic Safaris Packages generally caters for small groups and is conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and instructions. Many of our Africa Photographic Safaris Packages itineraries will also include pre/post excursion briefing and image editing. Whether you’re a novice or a professional photographer, Africa will delight.

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages requires patience, preparation, dedication and a guide that understands how to get you into the right position for that perfect capture. In our Africa Photographic Safaris Packages, we provide lots of space for the clients and the equipment. In short – your Africa Photographic Safaris Packages needs to be a dedicated photographic safari.

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages

Your Africa Photographic Safaris Packages by Claudious Tours and Safaris is more than just reaching the best locations for superb pictures. We team up with specialist nature photographers and provide you with lessons and expert insights that take your snaps to an almost unimaginable level. You learn that great images are less about the equipment and more about the perception and vision of the photographer. Very few places in the world can compete with the stunning scenery, rich diversity of wildlife and habitats that Africa has to offer. Its’ prolific wildlife is legendary; it’s no wonder it’s a top destination for photography-focused travelers.

Africa Photography Safari Package

We offer Africa photography safari package in Kenya that include the professional instruction and location selection that you need to create images beyond your highest expectations. You can easily capture an image that relays the close relationship between a mother elephant and her calf in Amboseli with Mount Kilimanjaro at the backdrop, strength of Maasai warriors, gripping excitement of a cheetah kill in Samburu and so much more.

Most photographers understand that the equipment does not make the picture. Instead, it is the vision of the photographer. In fact, a technically-sound image can be less appealing than one that is technically-imperfect, yet exquisitely represents the vision of the photographer. Under the guidance of our photography experts in Kenyan parks and reserves, you learn how to use depth of field, composition and other elements to effectively communicate your vision and everything that Kenya represents to you during your exploratory travel in Africa.

Our guides take you to finest locations that offer ample subject matter and potential composition. Our photo tour guide also enlightens you about certain considerations, such as foreground, background, mid-ground, light, framing and composition. They point out elements to include that draw the eye into your final images, giving viewers a journey into the experience of your wilderness tour of Kenya.

Our Africa photography safari packages are limited to only three photographers per 4×4 safari vehicle. This smallest group size ensures that you receive the personal attention, guidance and instruction you need from our dedicated guides that will be escorting you to safari. We take you to the best locations, and you stay in many of Kenya’s high-end accommodations.

The opportunities to capture breathtaking images are plenty – the Great Migration in Masai Mara and the tense crossings of the Mara and Talek Rivers, leopards in Samburu and Laikipia, masses of flamingos at Lake Nakuru, elephants in Amboseli and many more experiences A Successful African photographic safari or an African photography workshop is dependent on many different factors and as a professional African wildlife photographer and expert safari guide.

The different elements of an Africa photography safari package:

The photographer: Before booking your Africa photography safari package, think about your specific photographic passions and expectations. Is it true wilderness, away from the maddening crowds of tourists, that you find most appealing or perhaps are you looking to specifically photograph cheetah, leopard, flamingos or gorillas? Do you enjoy African savanna landscapes, traditional cultures or African wildlife photography – or perhaps a combination of all three! The safaris that we design are aimed to GUARANTEE exceptional photographic opportunities.

The Best time for Africa Photographic Safaris

Where and When: The most elementary decision will be which country or combination of countries to visit on your Africa photography safari package. There is however, far more to African wildlife photography, as nature beats to her own rhythm – we need to understand her cycles and seasons if we want to maximize our photographic opportunities. For example, there is a certain time of year that the wildebeest cross the Mara River and a certain time of year that they migrate in Serengeti National park and at times wildlife disappears into the inaccessible Miombo Woodland of Ruaha National Park.

Location: The next important step in Africa photographic travel is choosing the right camps or lodges that will allow you as a wildlife photographer to access the best areas and at the right time of day, to make use of the golden light. For example, the Masai Mara has many camps but there are only a few that allow quick access to the various wildebeest crossing points or that allow one to get away from other vehicle traffic.

Using the correct safari camp or lodge is a key component of an African photography safari! Exclusive use of a vehicle with freedom and flexibility is also essential to allow a nature photographer the time and freedom to work a particular subject or area. Does the safari camp have sufficient power for the running of laptops and charging of batteries? How far is the safari camp from the best game viewing areas? Can we alight from the vehicle or drive off-road? The answer to these simple questions can mean the difference between a successful African safari photography tour or not. We provide the best camps during your Africa photography safari package.

Tour Guide: Another key component to successful Africa photography safari package is that of your guide! Africa has many excellent local driver guides with exceptional knowledge of fauna and flora.

Independent Africa Photographic Safaris Packages for Kenya

For your ongoing photographic studies amidst Kenya’s bush country, we offer Independent Photographic Safaris with exceptional tour guides that will lead your safari til you come back to the city. These safaris give you exclusive access to an expert nature guide who has a passion for photography and a private safari vehicle. Independent Photographic Safaris are available throughout the year and may last seven to ten days. During that time frame, you may visit one or two parks during times of the year that highlight the best compositions and subjects.

Tailor-Made Private Photographic Safaris for Kenya

Flexibility is important part of any Photographic Kenya tour allowing for you to see the locations that you most desire. For our Custom Tailor-Made and Private Photographic Safaris, we completely accommodate your desires and timeline. It is amongst the most popular of our photographic tours.

It’s important that your guide is dedicated to photography and understands the technical aspects of taking a good wildlife photo. Vehicle positioning, for instance, is essential as it ensures the best angle for you and your camera in any given situation. The guide also needs to be committed to waking up early and staying out late in order to maximize times for great light and movement of wildlife. It’s also essential that the safari vehicle has sufficient space, as operating bulky equipment in a car full of other guests can get awkward.

Private guided safaris ensure that all these matters are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the creative aspects of your trip. On photographic safaris, destinations are chosen with photography in mind and your itinerary will consider all the best times to be out and enjoying the wilderness. Photographic camps have the necessary editing, charging and storage facilities for your photos so you need not worry about bringing laptops, extra batteries and other bulky and expensive equipment.

Among the world’s epic wildlife events, few can match Africa’s Great Migration. And for nature photographers, there is simply nothing like being in the midst of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra as they make their annual trek over the Serengeti Plains in pursuit of new grass. To truly capture the wonder of the migration in images, it’s essential to witness it from key vantage points that offer close-up views on all the action.  Our Expedition Leaders are both naturalists and photography pros, by your side to explain every wildlife interaction and to give you tips for getting the best possible images. You won’t find a more meticulously planned photography safari!

For nature photographers, no wildlife event on earth rivals Africa’s Great Migration for sheer drama. Twice each year, the massive herds make a great circuit across the Serengeti Plain, following the grass that sprouts with the seasonal rains. To capture amazing images of this phenomenon is on many a wildlife photographer’s bucket list. But it’s crucial to choose the right way to experience the migration.

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