Africa Birding Watching Safari
Africa Birding Watching Safari

Africa Birding Watching Safari

Africa Birding Watching Safari offer excellent bird watching opportunities in Africa. Africa Birding Watching Safari is designed to offer you the best of bird watching in Africa while ensuring you have a relaxing safari holiday where you can watch other wildlife and enjoy the beautiful holiday spots in Kenya. There are over 1,000 different bird species in Kenya.

Prime birding locations can be found in some of the national parks. Our Africa Birding Safari are designed to offer you the best of bird-watching in Kenya while ensuring you have a relaxing Africa Bird Watching Safari holiday. Africa is rich in bird watching opportunities for beginners and professionals alike. Africa has some of the richest bird watching locations especially in Kenya and Uganda with around 1090 bird species recorded. At least eight of these are national endemics.

Around 170 species of Kenya’s bird’s species are Palearctic migrants mainly from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Siberia. Some 335 species are found in forest; 230 species are entirely forest dependent. Prime birding locations can be found in some of the national parks. Kenya is one of Africa most outstanding bird watching safari and ornithological safaris destinations and a must tour for amateur and professional birders and ornithologist as the seamless overlapping habitats provide many bird species within short distances like.

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Africa Birding Safari – Best time for bird watching

the bird life in Kenya is good year-round, but at its prime in from September to April when the migratory birds from Europe and Northern Africa are present. At this time many resident bird species are nesting and are in breeding plumage. For wildlife viewing, however, the dry season is better.

Birding safaris in Kenya are more thrilling because of the millions of flamingos in Nakuru and Lake Naivasha national park. You’ll find Cattle Egrets picking insects next to Buffaloes, Ox-peckers grooming a Rhino and playful Sacred Ibis and Little Egrets. We are the most ideal birding tour operator and safari company to organize your vacation as many birding tours to Kenya are now marketed as competition of the IBAs visited and final numbers on the checklist.

Best bird watching parks

It is not uncommon to see hundreds of members of one species at ago, Lake Nakuru National Park, lake Naivasha national park, Lake Victoria National Park, Masai Mara National Park, And Samburu national park are the perfect spot to do a birding safari. The Great Rift Valley lakes and national parks in Kenya are the breeding ground for several hundred species of birds in Kenya, Lake Nakuru national park has thousands of both greater and lesser flamingos including many migrants, who visit from November to March, making the area a bird watchers dream destination.

With over 1100 recorded species, Kenya is one of Africa’s best birding destinations. A fair number of endemic and near endemic species can easily be seen on any birding trip. The European migrants are present from September to April.

Africa Birding Safari in Lake Nakuru National Park:

Africa Birding Watching Safari, Lake Nakuru is world-famous for its lesser and greater flamingo. Lake Nakuru sustains both flamingos and a substantial number of white pelicans. Other attractive smaller species like Avocet also live in the lake.

Kakamega forest Birding Safari

This forest is famous for blue-headed bee-eater, yellow-billed barbet, brown-eared woodpecker, dusky tit, Cameroon sombre greenbul and yellow-belied wattle-eye. A visit to this forest is must for every keen bird-watcher!

Bird Watching Safari in Lake Baringo:

Lake Baringo’s main attraction is the bird life and the lake is the bird-watching center of Kenya. More than 450 species of birds have been sighted at Lake Baringo.

Bird Watching Safari in Masai Mara:

Africa Birding Watching Safari, Almost 500 species of birds have been recorded in Masai Mara. Among these are 16 species of eagle, many hawks, vultures, storks, kori bustard and sun birds.

Africa Birding Watching Safari in Samburu

Many species found only in the north and east of Kenya can be seen here. Birds found here are pygmy falcon, Somali bee-eater, buff-crested bustard, vulturine guinea fowl, magpie sterling and sparrow weaver. The Ground Horn bill, the tall Secretary bird, Eagles, vultures, and ostrich, the largest bird on earth, are also spotted frequently.

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