Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours
Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours

Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours

Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package offer the quintessential birding safari experience. Birding safaris in Africa | Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package really does impress because it is not unusual to record more than 100 species in a day. Thanks to vast wilderness areas, impressive quality and diversity of species. Among the most impressive of the continent’s innumerable wildlife spectacles are the flamingos on Rift Valley lakes, water birds in deltas, rivers and lakes of Africa to raptors on open plains.

Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package, Africa birding tours and holidays offers Stunning birds like kingfishers, rollers, guinea fowl, starlings, sun birds, barbets, hornbills, bushshrikes and bee-eaters can be seen as can a rich diversity of raptors. Bataleur, snake eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle, falcons, buzzards and goshawks aplenty. The water birding safari is among the world’s finest with wetlands throughout Africa supporting a wealth of wonderful bird life. Storks, herons, shorebirds, pelicans, waterfowl to name a few.

Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package

Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package | Africa birding tours and holidays/ Bird watching in Africa

Africa is a fantastic continent for a bird watching holiday, as the range of environments make for a hugely diverse bird population. The geographical range is vast, with montane forests, wetlands, marshes, deserts and coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. With a range of African and country-specific endemics, as well as migrant birds which visit to breed and ‘summer’ in the southern hemisphere, Birding safaris in Africa | Africa birding tours and holidays in Africa is packed full of variety.

Birding Safaris in Africa | Africa Birding Tours and Holidays, Bird Watching African Safaris are a favorite past time for those who choose to visit African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia Zambia, South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania collectively. Bird Watching is a science, a sport and an art but above all, it is one of the highly rated leisure travel activity. The mere diversity of avifauna over these countries guarantees the best ornithological tours on the continent. Africa has become a hub for both professional and armature birders looking for a place to challenge their birding skills and this has seen an increase in bird-watchers from all over the world converging here to identify the various species.

Birding safaris in Africa | Africa Birding Safari Holiday Tours package

Guided Bird watching tours are everything a true bird lover’s heart desires. Some lodges and camps offer guided ornithological safaris around the camp site or in reserves and national parks. Bird watching safaris range from just a few hours long excursions up to a week long journey. Our birdwatcher’s safaris take you to forests, woodlands, wetlands, lakes, swamps, river banks and other habitats where avi-fauna thrive. We know when the migrators characteristically arrive based on historic information and also from weekly to monthly reports from safari accommodations and our guides, as well as when specific behaviors occur, such as mating and nesting, specific to varied wildernesses.

Africa is recognized around the world for its birds as noted by the many Important Bird Areas on the continent with accessible and specialty birding countries being Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya with upcoming countries vying for recognition like Rwanda and Malawi. Our ornithological guides skillfully locate them on their preferred resident ecology and also identify the species by sound and sight.

Birdwatching in Kenya/ Birding safari holidays in Kenya

Kenya is a prime destination for a birdwatching holiday at any time of year. Tremendous geographical range gives Kenya a variety of climates and landscapes, hence the second highest number of species in Africa. Kenya holds the world-record ‘bird watch’ – with 342 species seen in 24 hours!

Kenya is one of only 15 countries globally where more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded, and it lies third on the African avian diversity list after DR Congo and Tanzania. This list includes the world’s two largest birds (common and Somali ostrich, now regarded as separate species) and its bulkiest flying creature (Kori bustard), along with a wealth of raptors and a dazzling array of colorful bee-eaters, turacos, parrots, rollers and passerines. Birdwatching is rewarding everywhere in Kenya. For dedicated birdwatchers, a well-planned two-week itinerary is likely to result in a trip list of 350–400 species, a figure that compares favorably with anywhere in the world.

The open Savannah of southern Kenyan reserves such as Amboseli and the Masai Mara provides an excellent introduction to East Africa’s commoner birds, with the likes of superb starling, purple grenadier, lilac-breasted roller and African grey horn bill all conspicuous. The Rift Valley lakes are also superb: Nakuru and Bogoria are rightly famed for their mind-boggling flamingo aggregations, but the less celebrated Naivasha and Baringo are arguably even better for general birding. For regular Africa safari goers, a region of special interest is the arid north, where Samburu-Buffalo Springs- Shaba hosts a high quotient of dry-country species whose range is otherwise restricted to less accessible parts of Ethiopia and Somalia.

Kenya Birding Safaris:

Kenya Birding Safaris: – There are over 500 species of birds along with spectacular landscapes and wildlife safari viewing infamous parks like the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Laikipia and Amboseli to name a few. The collections of birds in places like Hell’s Gate, Buffalo Springs and Kakamega Forest get you a little bit off the beaten track. Other places worth a visit, especially after the rains, are Mt Kenya, Samburu and Shaba, North Kinangop grassland, Lake Baringo, Aberdare National Park and Tsavo National Parks East and West.

Birdwatching in South Africa

South Africa has the highest number of endemic bird species in mainland Africa. Birding in the Cape is particularly good due to the sheer variety of flora found in the Cape Floristic Region. Furthermore, as many South Africans are keen birdwatchers, the resources about birds and information available are usually excellent.

Africa Birding Watching Safari

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